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Creating a Screenshot on PC using Snipping Tool

Every PC since Windows7 includes a tool called Snipping Tool.  It is super easy to use... follow the steps below when you need a small screenshot to add to a ticket.

  1. Click Windows key and start typing SNIP - 
  2. Select Snipping Tool
  3. When it opens it is ready for you to just select the part of the screen you want to snip - use your mouse to select it.  
  4. If the wrong thing is showing on the screen, then just hit escape, find what you want to snip and then click on the snip tool application again and click 'New' Now you are ready to select the part of the screen you want.
  5. When you select, it automatically snips your screen and displays it.  
  6. In the file menu of the Snipping Tool select 'Save As' and save your image as a png file.

Don't forget to remember where you save it so that you can upload it later to a ticket!
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