Status Basics

A Thriveboard can be in one of 4 statuses:

  • Draft - All new boards begin in draft status
  • Active - In active status, boards can be scored, and actions/tasks can be created and managed - but the goal content is not editable except by admins.
  • Complete  & Archived - Completed and Archived Thriveboards do not display on the dashboard and are hidden by default in other lists.

The best reason to complete or archive a Thriveboard is to take it out of your daily view.  If you are looking for a board that has been completed, just click the checkbox at the top of the Thriveboard list that says "Show Completed" and they will display in the list.

How to change the status of a thriveboard

Thriveboard statuses are managed by simply using the command in the context menu in the list of your Thriveboards.