You are only allowed to view the Thriveboards that you are given permission to access. Everyone within a company is able to view the company Thriveboard. Everyone on a team is able to view their team's Thriveboard. Each individual is able to view his or her own Thriveboard. If people are reporting you, you are able to view and edit their Thriveboards where applicable. To learn more about Company Levels, please click here

To view a Thriveboard, either click the direct link found on your Dashboard or click on a category (Company, Team or People) to find the Thriveboard you are looking for. Simply click on the link to view each Thriveboard. If you would like to view a Team's Thriveboard, click on the Manage Teams link found at the top right corner of the Teams page. 

If you have permission, a context menu that will allow you to copy the Thriveboard or change the status will be available on each data table.